Pandora and Polyphemus as seen from space.

Pandora is a fictional moon appearing in James Cameron's Avatar. The entire storyline of the movie is set on Pandora


Pandora orbits the gas giant planet Polyphemus, which in turn orbits Alpha Centauri. Polyphemus is so named for a large "eyespot", actually a storm similar to Jupiter's Great Red Spot.


The predominant biome seen on Pandora is a tropical rainforest, although mountains and plains are also seen. The companion book states that there are polar zones.

The Hallejujah Mountains are giant floating rocks on the moon. They are the only known mountains, if they can be considered mountains in the traditional use of the word.


Pandora is inhabited by a sentient race called the Na'vi. They look much like humans in some ways, but are much different in others. Perhaps their greatest differences are their blue, slightly bioluminescent skin and their great stature. They have great respect for, but do not worship, an entity known to them as Eywa.


Typical Na'vi

Fauna & FloraEdit

The fauna of Pandora is rich and diverse, as is its flora. See individual articles for details.


Pandora is also home to a mineral known as Unobtainium. This element has the remarkable ability to superconduct electricity at room temperature. Within the course of the film, human explorers grow greedy and attempt to drive out the Na'vi for this substance.

It has been theorized that Unobtainum keeps the Hallejujah Mountains aloft.